Spay/Neuter Voucher

Download Spay/Neuter Voucher Application Here or apply below

Phelps County Animal Welfare League is working with a network of veterinarians who have agreed to honor spay and neuter coupons/vouchers for those who cannot otherwise afford to pay the full price to spay and neuter their pets or strays.
This program has been created for pet owners and caretakers who fit the following criteria:

  1. Fall below the median income level in the area
    • 1-2 people: $30,000 or less for total household income
    • Over 2 people: $35,000 or less for total household income
  2. Adopt from a shelter but fall below a certain income level
    • 1-2 people: $35,000 or less for total household income
    • Over 2 people: $40,000 or less for total household income
  3. Good Samaritans, particularly those who encounter strays they want to help but already have pets.

Note: If you make less than 19,250 (1-2 person) or 25,900 (2 people) and live in Phelps County, you have the option to apply for our low-income co-pay program through this low-income application (which you can mail in or turn in at the Rolla Animal Shelter).

Our participating veterinarians rely on us to pre-qualify applicants, and their trust in us and the applicants’ truthfulness is vital to the Program. The funds used to make these payments are obtained by the work of our non-paid volunteers as well as supporters in the community. Please consider returning our generosity to you and your pets by volunteering in turn or by donating money when your financial situation changes.

Once approved, it is your responsibility to make the appointment with the vet. You are responsible for the cost of any vaccinations, tests, or procedures (some vets may require proof of vaccinations). The costs may be extra for special conditions (such as animals in heat). Cats may not be declawed in conjunction with this program.

If approved, you will be notified via email. Vouchers plus a listing of what services are included in the spay/neuter surgeries from each clinic will be mailed to the address specified on your application. Vouchers must be used within 60 days of issuance or they will expire.

Voucher Amounts


  • Female: $25 off spay
  • Male: $15 off neuter


  • Female under 40 pounds: $35 off spay
  • Female over 40 pounds: $40 off spay
  • Male under 40 pounds: $25 off neuter
  • Male over 40 pound: $35 off neuter

Veterinary clinics who currently accept vouchers:

  • St. James Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Chitwood)
    • Voucher amount is matched which will means the coupon will be doubled at time of payment for service. Thank you Dr. Chitwood!
    • Requires vaccinations or proof of vaccinations
  • Rolla Animal Hospital (Dr. Janke)
    • For animals less than 6 months of age, $10 off. Thank you Dr. Janke!
  • Animal Health Center of Rolla (Dr. Berger)
  • Bishop Animal Vet Clinic (Dr. Ranney)

Spay/Neuter Voucher Application

Name of Pet (required)



Approximate weight (provide in pounds):

Age of animal: (years) (months)



Condition of animal (check all that apply):
HealthyRunny Eyes/NoseFriendlyBites or ScratchesFeralPregnantIn heatFleas or Ticks

If the animal has a wound, injury or other health problems please describe:

If you adopted the pet from an area shelter, which one?

If this is a stray, would you be willing to ensure that it will be fed/given adequate shelter and care for the rest of his/her life?

How many other animals live at your household:

Which voucher are you applying for?

Spay ($25 off)Neuter ($15 off)

Female under 40 pounds ($35 off)Female over 40 pounds ($40 off)Male under 40 pounds ($25 off)Male over 40 pounds ($35 off)

Do you know which Veterinary Clinic you would like to use?
Rolla Animal HospitalSt. James Veterinary Medical CenterAnimal Health Center of RollaBishop Avenue Veterinary ClinicUndecided







Home phone

Cell or work phone


How many members live in your household?

PART III: The Programs: Fill out either the Financial Assistance Program or the Good Samaritan Program

Financial Assistance Program (Includes #1 & #2)

Note: You can skip this section if you are applying under the Good Samaritan Program.

What is your total income, counting all sources of income

Please describe your financial situation, checking all applicable boxes

Note: You do not have to be on public assistance to qualify for a voucher.

Own homeRentSingle incomeDouble incomeRetiredFood StampsMedicaidPublic AssistanceUnemployment CompensationAid to Families with Dependent ChildrenSocial Security Income

Anything else to add:

Good Samaritan Program (#3)

If you fit the income requirements above, fill the app for #1 or #2 instead. If not, explain why you need assistance.

Could you tell us in a few sentences why your situation fits this category? If you need more space, feel free to to email us also.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and I have not omitted anything which would make my application false or misleading.


We will review these applications and send out approved vouchers each week. If you have any questions, feel free to email us or call us on the PCAWL voicemail at 573-426-4043

Privacy policy: We will keep personal and financial information confidential, but we may describe approved cases anonymously to publicize how this program makes a difference in the community.