Pepper was found with four other kittens (including Teddy) in a box beside the road. She acted like a little mother to all the other kittens, but she hated the older cats in her foster home. She would hiss and spit at them, and they didn’t like her very much. Her foster mom figured she’d do best in a home with no other cats or maybe a younger male cat she could boss around–not the easiest thing to find! Her being a black cat was another strike against getting adopted. So her foster mom was really worried about finding her a home.

However, a graduate student from Taiwan at the local university was looking for a cat who would be happy living alone with her, and when she saw Pepper on Petfinder, she thought she’d be perfect. When she met Pepper, she fell in love and adopted her! She renamed her Guenhwyvar and proceeded to thoroughly spoil her.

Guenhwyvar now lives in College Station, Texas, with her family, including another cat named Gandalf. She is fat and lazy except when it comes to teaching Gandalf who’s in charge.



Teddy was found with four other kittens (including Pepper) in a box beside the road. He was a sweet kitten who never made a fuss about anything. Even when he got very sick and had to be force fed, he never got mad about it. Clearly this special guy needed a very special home.

When Teddy’s foster mom was contacted by an adopter looking for a kitten who could get along with a cranky older female cat, she suggested Teddy, because he was so calm and good-natured. Teddy’s first meeting with the other cat, Tobi, didn’t go so well, but his adopters were patient, and he eventually settled into his new home.

Now renamed Tedi, he happily lives with dogs, other cats, and even a pet bird. He is very well loved by his new family!



Chained up and used for breeding River’s continual happy attitude helped her adjust to life in a home.

Now she is a cherished member of the family and is getting all the love she deserves!



When Lucky was found he was barely alive.  He had a fly eggs embeded in his neck, was dehydrated, emaciated, and couldn’t walk.

Now named Oliver he embraces life every day.



Hit by a car and picked up by a good Samaritan, Bagheera’s front right leg had to be amputated.

Recovered and healthy, Bagheera was the perfect match for a couple who wanted a cuddle buddy.



Rio came to us with a severe cough and extensive hair loss.

Now, with continued medication, he is living a happy normal life curled up with his humans and tugging with his brothers.



Poor Phineas was emaciated and ill when he first came into our care.  He had no vision in one eye and eventually that eye had to be removed.

Now Phin enjoys being king of the castle and ruling his human.