20150620-Tail-Trot-PCAWL-0414Foster Application

Visit the Adopt/Foster page to view the Foster Guidelines.

Foster parents are invaluable in rescue groups, and are considered special heroes. They are able to take-in rescues who might not otherwise have a chance, and take care of them until they find a suitable adoptive home. For many animals, it might be the first time they’ve experienced a caring home.

Perhaps you already have pets and don’t want anymore, but you’d like to help bring about a happy ending. Or perhaps you can only make a temporary commitment to keeping a pet. Regardless, we invite you to become a foster home in our group. It won’t always be easy, and there will often be adjustments that have to be made. However, former foster parents can attest that the reward of seeing the foster be adopted into a loving home makes it all worthwhile.

Foster parents will have a vote in adoption applications. After living with the dog or cat, it makes sense that the foster parent will know the animal well enough to have insight into what home they will be suitable for.

At this time, we are just seeking foster parents who live in Phelps County. The PCAWL foster program has an Animal Care and Facilities License under the state of Missouri.

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If you do have pets, do you have back-up plans if your pets don’t get along with the fosters (such as keep the foster in a spare bedroom or crating each dog)?

Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of feeding, bathing, grooming and caring for your rescue dog or cat, including emotional rehabilitation for a traumatized pet?

Will you follow all veterinarian instructions provided and administer all prescription medications and heartworm preventive to your foster?

Are you willing to allow a Phelps County Animal Welfare League representative to visit your home by appointment:

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